Sunday, April 3, 2011

Joy's 18th at Island Cove

Time does fly so fast!

Last Saturday, we were invited to attend Joy's 18th birthday held at Island Cove Resort and Leisure Park.  Joy had been a neighbor since she was a kid and I can say that I've seen her grow from a lanky and shy girl to a confident young lady that she is today.  So there's no way the family would miss her coming out party.

It's been a while since I attended a debut.  Last time was with my sister's
which was like two years ago.

Tejeros Hall

The debutante with her escort.

If I can relive my debut, I would have the 18 Bags (where I was a part of ) and 18 Shoes as well. LOL!

Dinner time!

Lychees! I had dessert first because this is my favorite.

On my plate:  Beef Steak, Roasted Chicken, Fish Fillet, Cold Noodles,
Pork Asado and Rice.

After dinner, my sister and I went out to get some fresh air, check out Island Cove's new facilities and practice on her photography skills.  

Subject:  Her ate of course!

My sister and I

Dear Joy,

Happy 18th Birthday!

I know you'll go a long successful way in life because you're smart, beautiful, determined and obedient to your parents.  Just always remember that there's a right time for everything.  Enjoy every single moment of your teenage years but know your limitations.

Good luck on your studies. It may feel like an endless parade of hardships and difficulties today but time will come when you'll get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Just be patient and continue to be the caring and kind lady that you are.


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