Monday, July 29, 2013

Bangkok, TH: A Shopping Haven

Main Entry: Bangkok
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: buying
Synonym: shopping, hunt for, purchase, buy, acquiring, look for

Bangkok being the go-to place of its Asian neighboring countries for affordable and limitless shopping experience is now becoming synonymous to the word shopping. When friends learned that I went to the city capital of Thailand, first thing they asked was how many bags I brought back to Manila. But for the sake of my relationship, let's just keep that as a secret. *wink*

After our Chatuchak craze (read about it here), our next shopping destination was the Premium Outlet complex near Ayutthaya, Thailand.

Open daily from 10am to 3pm, Premium Outlet Udon Thani is a huge open-air mall known for its European architectural style with over 100 premium shops of apparel brands like Nike, Lacoste, Adidas, Arrow, Geox and a lot more.

I was lucky to grab a Rip Curl watch at 70% off!

Since we wanted to visit the supermarket to check the available local treats we can take home, we asked our driver/tour guide Kasem to drop us to The Pride of Bangkok -- Siam Paragon.

To replenish our energy and prepare ourselves to more hours of walking, we went down to the Food Court first to stuff ourselves with delicious Thai food. After loading Thb100 to the prepaid card used in Siam Paragon's Food Court, I checked the stalls and decided to order here.

Tom Yum Noodles

Noodles with Curry Sauce

Sticky Rice Cakes in Various Flavors

Because a girl can never have too much dessert, I also ended up trying this superb and addicting Red Bean Green Tea from Dairy Queen. I wonder if DQ Philippines have this on their menu.

Anyone here tried this yet?

For experience sake, the five of us squeezed ourselves in and rode the tuk-tuk from the bar to Patpong Night Market. Much to our dismay, our driver kept on switching lanes with no signal whatsoever while the cars behind us honk their horns profusely! The entire ride was so stressful that it nearly gave us a heart attack so we vowed to always take a cab even if it was more expensive as safety is still the number one priority.

The calm before the unforgettable tuk-tuk ride

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