Monday, July 22, 2013

Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok TH

Are you a bargain hunter like me? Then this post is perfect for you.

Dubbed as the world's biggest weekend market, Chatuchak covers an approximate land area of 35 acres with 15, 000 stalls that sells anything and everything you could possibly think of. From clothes to handicrafts, household items and live animals, you'll just have to know the section number (there's a total of 27 sections in all) and you'll find rows of stalls selling the same item you're looking for. So if the seller does not want to give you a discount, just walk over to the next stall and bargain until you get the price that you want.

Since we only had a few hours to spare in Chatuchak Market, we researched in advance which section sells clothes and shoes, preferably local brands. Good thing the cab driver dropped us exactly where we wanted to spend our Thai Baht shopping money -- Section 4!

Pardon for the lack of photos since we all went gaga over the racks of shoes, clothes and leather items at bargain prices! Dresses, blouses and shorts range from as low as Thb100 (Php150) to Thb250 (Php375) while shoes and genuine leather sandals are priced not more than Thb600 (Php900). It was really a shoppers haven!

Since we wanted to try authentic Thai food, we chose to dine in one of the eateries inside Chatuchak Market. Don't worry if they don't speak English because you'll just have to point which one you like, grab a seat then your food will be delivered to your table in no time.

Extra Spicy Mussels with Rice at Thb40 (Php60)

After three hours of going around and spending what was left of my money (I overspent my shopping budget as usual), I went out to the food stalls to try the street food I've read were not to be missed out when in Bangkok.

Banana dipped in Chocolate and other toppings

All kinds of Satay

Coconut Ice Cream

We found a lot of tourists and locals gathered around the Coconut Ice Cream stall which could only mean one thing -- its a must try! Made from coconut milk with corn kernels as toppings, this will definitely satisfy your sweet cravings. It's creamy, its refreshing, its delicious -- no wonder my friends had two servings of it in a span of one hour while I was busy scouring every corner of Section 4 looking for great finds.

Fries and Rice Toppings

Fresh Fruit Shake


More Fries, Hotdogs and Shrimp Balls

Bacon with Golden Mushroom at Thb20 (Php30) per stick

Thai Iced Coffee

Looking for a place to sit down brought us to this gem of a place along the main road of Chatuchak Market. The Chicken Shawarma I ordered was really good and definitely worth every calories!

Chicken Shawarma - Thb60 (Php90)

A total of four hours in Chatuchak Market was a great welcome treat for thrift-shoppers like us. On the other hand, I had no money left for food and tours around the city and this is just our first day!

"Namamalimos po!"

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