Friday, July 19, 2013

Palawan Revisited: Baker's Hill

One of the most visited spots in Puerto Princesa City is Baker's Hill, known for its home-baked goodies especially their mouth-watering Hopia. Bakers from all over the city work hand in hand to offer delicious varieties of breads and treats that tourists and locals flock the place for.

I'm guessing this beautiful house is the owner's lovely abode. It must be heavenly waking up to a beautiful scenery with the smell of freshly-baked goodies everyday!

Aside from the bakery, visitors can also dine in one of the various restaurants in the park.

Since we wanted to have a full meal, we decided to have lunch in Baker's Kitchen Palawan.

Beautiful decorations and cute knick-knacks adorning the open-air restaurant kept us occupied for a while until we realized that its been more than 30 minutes and orders are still nowhere in sight!

We wanted to cancel our orders since we had a flight to catch back to Manila in a couple of hours but we were told that the food was being prepared by then so we had no choice but to wait. I honestly can't remember how the food taste like because all I can recall was how fast we were able to finish everything on the table.

Another thing I failed to try was Puerto Princesa's famous delicacy called Tamilok or Shipworm.

Another reason to come back to Palawan in the near future! *wink*

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