Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Eat Your Way to Happiness at Wulai Old Street, TW

The choices are endless!

That's what I keep telling myself whenever we go out to look for something to eat. Taiwan is no doubt a foodie's paradise with diverse variety of local delicacies available from hawker stalls to sit-down restaurants. I thought I've seen it all in Taipei only until we traveled to Wulai because it definitely has a lot more to offer. We were fortunate that Full Moon Spa Hotel was just a few steps away from the Old Street where you can find souvenirs and local Aboriginal street delicacies.

The wild mountain boar sausage is a must-try in Wulai and the perfect snack while exploring the town. There are several stalls in the Old Street that sells this delicious, plump and juicy delicacy but there's one at the far end of the street that people patiently line up for.

I'm loving the variety of drinks you can find in Taiwan. We always frequent the nearby Family Mart because of this addicting and perfectly sweetened Strawberry Yogurt drink.

The search for the authentic Aboroginal lunch brought us to this family-owned restaurant still along the Old Street. Food may look simple but they were exceptionally tasty and really affordable!

Stir-fried Wild Mountain Boar

4 Kinds Mushroom

Before going back to Taipei, we noticed several people lining up to this stall. And when there's a crowd, the food must be good! Waiting time under the blistering sun takes about 15 minutes but these crispy on the outside yet tender and oh so tasty wild boar ribs is definitely worth the time and calories! It was indeed a perfect ending to our yummy sweet trip in Wulai, Taiwan.

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