Friday, May 29, 2015

Raohe Night Market, Taipei TW

Another must visit destination in Taipei, the Raohe Night Market is a 600-meter long street market packed with quaint shops selling bargain fashion finds, interesting snacks and even traditional games located along Raohe Street in Songshan District. The abundance of local and exotic delicacies is a major draw for most Taiwanese who love spending their time in night markets. Compared to Taipei's most popular night market Shilin, the Raohe Night Market is the best alternative with lesser crowd and more intriguing food choices.

Raohe has been synonymous to these yummy and seriously addicting Pepper Buns sold in a stall just as you enter the night market. It's easy to spot because the smell of freshly cooked buns will lure you to line up along with other people hoping to get a piece of these delicious babies.

With the maddening amount of shopping destinations in Taipei, I'd still prefer Raohe Night Market any day mainly because of the more local feel it exudes rather than the commercialized Shilin Night Market. The substantial mixture of fashionable items, amazing food and cute knick-knacks make this the best venue to experience why Taiwan has been dubbed as "Asia's Treasure Island".

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