Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Taiwan's Best Kept Secret: Wulai Aboriginal Village

The side tour to Wulai Village in Taipei County is probably the highlight of our recent Taiwan trip. This mountainous village located in Northern Taiwan is populated with mostly Aboriginal people from the Atayal tribe. The name Wulai is drawn from the abundance of hot spring in the area, its Atayal translation. Taiwan is known for its hot springs but Wulai is among the popular ones because of the water's quality -- clear, colorless and odorless containing lots of minerals and natural ingredients said to be best for the skin and effective in relieving muscle and joint pains.

The Wulai Atayal Museum is a four-storey building, which exhibits the history, culture and rituals of the Atayal Aboriginal tribe. Entrance is free of charge and and all displays have English translation.

The town can be easily strolled by foot but we chose to take the Wulai Log Cart to see the famous Wulai Waterfall located 1.6km from the cable car station for experience sake. Fare is TWD50 (Php75.00) for adults and TWD30 (Php45.00) for kids, one way ride only.

The colorful electric-powered log cart trolleys can carry about 10 passengers comfortably.

The 80-meter high scenic Wulai Waterfall is one of the popular attractions in town. The water falling down the cliff offers a majestic view to the tourists from the observation deck.

We usually wait at the hotel lobby on times we arrive before the check-in time but Wulai seemed to be an interesting place that we went ahead and explored the town with just a map on hand. The few hours we spent trying out the local street food and taking the hike with the crowd to the log cart station were the best welcoming moments and one of those times that we didn't mind choosing walking and getting lost over a comfortable bed with soft pillows.

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