Monday, May 11, 2015

Shilin Night Market, Taipei TW

Shilin Market is perhaps the most famous night market in Taipei. In fact, we chose Starbeauty Resort Hotel because of its close proximity to Shilin among other factors. Built in 1899, the market is renowned for offering delicious snacks and local cuisine. Aside from Taiwan's traditional recipes, it is also the best place to look for fashionable clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics and accessories.

Among the popularly recommended street food in Shilin Night Market are stinky tofu, tempura, giant chicken cutlet, oyster omelet, grilled squid, fried buns, flame grilled beef cubes, bubble tea, candied and fresh fruits and Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang (Taiwanese pork sausage).

Shilin Night Market is definitely one of the attractions that you must visit when in Taipei. The showcase of Taiwan's culture, friendly street vendors, unique and interesting food finds and cheap merchandise are only few reasons why we can never get enough of this place!

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