Monday, March 21, 2011

Casa Ibiza

Another resort worth considering for your summer escapade.

Casa Ibiza is one of the projects of Globe Asiatique (GA) Hotel and Resort, Inc. It is one of the subsidiaries of GA Realty Holdings Corporation, conceptualized to be the perfect getaway and events venue, an "oasis" in the city located in the heart of Antipolo City, Rizal where our clients can witness the epitome of comfort, relaxation and elegance combined.

The Deluxe Room has a living room and kitchen on the ground floor and 2 bedrooms on the second floor fit for a family of 4.

The Grand Villa is perfect for barkadas because it can accommodate up to 6 people.  The ground floor has a living area and kitchen.  Three rooms are located upstairs if you need to take a nap in between your eating, swimming, chikahan and drinking sessions. *wink*

We were a bit turned off by a weird smell the moment we got out of the car.  After a couple of minutes, we can't help ourselves and asked the staff why does it smell weird in there.  She then told us it was because of this tree.  She picked up a flower from the ground and gave it to us.  I don't know what this tree is called but it sure smells like mothballs.


Casa Ibiza
Sapang Buho Road
Brgy. Dalig II, Antipolo City
Rizal, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 484-9393 / 482-3487

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