Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Splash Island

We arrived at Splash Island around 1500H only to find out it closes at 1800H.  We were only charged Php350 though instead of the regular rate of Php500.  With only three hours to spend in the water park, we wasted no time, changed into our swimming clothes and hit the water!  I was only able to take a few photos after I was able to experience the big waves at Agos Grandes.

It is important to know the park schedule so you'll get to plan your activities.

Some attractions at Splash Island you shouldn't miss.

Get on your rubber balsa and drift along this gently flowing river. 
There is nothing like floating easy on a raft.

The bamboo, a straight, tall and hallow tree-like plant abundant in the Philippines grows to
colossal proportions at Splash Island.  The Big Bam Boo is a covered tunnel rid that
slides straight into pure excitement!  This is my favorite attraction, my friends said
they could hear me scream from the top of the slide!

Big waves are exactly what you get at Agos Grandes.  With machine-generated waves,
this one-of-a-kind pool allows you to completely immerse yourself and go with the tide.

They also have Zipline and Wall Climbing for the more adventurous ones.

Beach volleyball facilities is also available.

You can rent a kayak and paddle at Agos Grandes.


These cottages can be rented and is scattered all over the park.


Air-conditioned Cabana

Since we only had a few hours before Splash Island closes, we just rented a locker for Php100 and put our valuables there instead of renting out a cottage.

I hope to be back again soon.  Summer has officially started!


Splash Island
Southwoods Ecocentrum, Biñan
Laguna, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 382-4711

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