Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hawker 101

I first learned of Hawker 101 from  Asunta Rufino's blog and from the moment I read hole-in-the-wall Singaporean restaurant, I knew I had to go ASAP!

Hawker 101

The walls are decorated with photos of hawker vendors all over Asia

Ready to eat!
On the table

Beef Hofan

Hainanese Chicken

Ginger and Chili Sauce.  Hope they will serve them separately

Chinese Style Beef Steak
The prices are very affordable!  It's even cheaper to eat here than most fast food chains.  I especially love the Beef Hofan (this coming from someone who'd prefer anything but noodles) because of the bursting flavors and firmness of the ho fan or wide noodles.  It was my first time to try the Chinese Style Beef Steak and I loved the sweetness of the sauce and the tenderness of the beef. Of course, my visit would be incomplete if there's no Hainanese Chicken on the table.  Hawker 101's version was just okay, nothing special, I've had the better treat at Shiok, also a Singaporean restaurant in Global City.

Hey, don't give me the look.  I'm not alone okay?!


Hawker 101
Unit 102 Campos Rueda Bldg.
101 Urban Avenue
Makati City, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 886-7329

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