Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Teriyaki Boy

Thank goodness there's Teriyaki Boy for the affordable Japanese cuisine fix I needed last night (and almost every night LOL).

On the table

Gyoza.  I ate 4 of this.  It's that good even if I can barely taste the ground pork.

Futo Maki.  He finished all of it!

Chirashi Don for her.  I would always prefer rice over noodles. I'm such a guy! 
The sushi are all fresh.  This is such a good deal.

Ebi Tempura Ramen for him.

And as always, I never made it to dessert because I was too full already.  Too bad since I was looking forward to trying out their Yogato Frozen Yogurt.  Another reason to come back!


Teriyaki Boy
Harbour Square
Bukaneg St. CCP Complex
Pasay City, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 832-2165

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