Friday, March 25, 2011

Miyabi Express

After hearing him say that Miyabi is one of the best Japanese Restaurants in the Metro for the nth time, it wasn't long when we finally cleared out our schedule and drove to Malate to try it out.

Miyabi Express is located at the lobby of the Pan Pacific Hotel among many other restaurants.  It stand out mainly because of the freshness of the seafood and how surprisingly affordable the menu is.

We opted to sit at the counter to watch how the chef prepares the food.

According to Google, Miyabi is Japanese for Elegance.

The chef prepares the food in an open counter.

I love watching him transform these ingredients into works of art.  As what they say,
Japanese food not only satisfies your sense of taste but all five senses.

We were eating side by side with some Japanese guests.


On the table

By now, you may already have an idea that this is my favorite Japanese dish. 
I love fresh Sushi and I love rice!

Miyabi's version of Chirashi is the best I have ever tasted!  The quality of the Salmon,
Tuna, Squid, Crab stick and Tamago is superb.  Definitely worth every peso.

I wasted no time and ate it as soon as it was placed in front of me.

And his favorite -- Futo Maki.  I tried to eat a piece as a whole (I can barely chew because the
serving was thick) to have a better taste of the bursting flavors of mango, unagi, tamago,
shrimp and cucumber.  I was lost for words literally.  It was so good!

We also ordered Salmon California Maki but wasn't able to take photos because the waitress told us we can't take pictures of their food.  This is one policy of some restaurants I really don't get.  Maybe if they'll explain to us more rather than just saying "Restaurant Policy".  Good thing we were able to snap a few shots or I wouldn't be able to share with you what an experience it was to eat at Miyabi.

I shall return!


Miyabi Express
Pan Pacific Manila, Adriatico Square
M. Adriatico St. cor. Malvar St., Malate
Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 536-0351 to 54

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