Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Becky's Kitchen

A friend/client visited us the other day and brought a box of these amazing cheesy goodies from Becky's Kitchen.

She's been raving about their ensaymada and cheese rolls and wanted us to try them so she brought some. We were too shy to eat while she was still there so the moment she left, all the girls gathered around the table and waited anxiously for me to open it.

Ensaymada was not overwhelmingly sweet or moist, perfect with a cup of coffee.

My bet between the two. Soft and buttery cheese roll which gives that crunch-y feel when you bite into the sugar and melted cheese on top. Oh so yummy!

Please keep them coming!


Becky's Kitchen
1601 P. Ocampo cor. Bautista St. 
Singalong, Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 525- 1648

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