Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Isdaan Floating Restaurant

I bet like me, you have seen this place in the middle of nowhere along the National Road in Gerona, Tarlac (its across the street if you're going to Baguio/La Union/Pangasinan) and probably wondering, is that a restaurant or a park?

My question was finally answered when we made a stopover here before going home from Pangasinan.

From the same owners of Barrio Fiesta and Singing Cooks and Waiters, Isdaan Floating Restaurant is a 1.5 hectare resto-park. With its Balinese-inspired design and huge stone statues, it felt like I was transported to Bali and not somewhere in the middle of rice fields.

If you get hungry, just go to one of the nipa huts and ask for the menu from the numerous staff making rounds. Menu is mostly Filipino cuisine like Barrio Fiesta and you guessed it, with singing cooks and waiters serenading customers tables after tables. Mandatory tip is Php20 only.

I saw the largest Koi fish somewhere in this pond.

More and bigger statues as you go deeper into the resto-park.

The wishing Buddha.

Hold the right hand, make a wish and ring the bell as hard as you can.

I've seen this wall in different TV shows and often wonder how it feels like to throw and break something to release anger and stress. Here at Isdaan Restaurant, you can choose from a variety of ceramics -- cups, saucer, plates, vases, or even a television set to throw to the wall. Just pay for the price of whatever you want to throw, shout Tacsiyapo and throw as hard as you can to whatever it is that makes you angry like "Manyakis, Magnanakaw, Alak Sugal Babae, Taksil, Father/Mother-in-law, Ex-wife, Intrigero/Intrigera" among others. Tacsiyapo actually means "shame on you" in Kapampangan.


I hit 5/6 Pautang

It was an exhilarating experience! But friends, don't do this at home okay?


Isdaan Floating Restaurant
National Road
Gerona, Tarlac, Philippines
Tel.: (6345) 491-2219

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