Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rejuvenate Yourself at Balay Indang

Tucked in the quiet town of Indang, Cavite is one of the most serene places I've ever been to. Balay Indang boasts merely 2 hectares of land (another 2 hectares yet to be developed) transformed to become the perfect spot for rejuvenating one's mind, body and soul.

This place reminds me so much of Sonya's Garden only bigger and cheaper.

I love how random the designs are yet perfectly blends with each other and the overall look of the place.

You can opt to have a sit-down buffet lunch al fresco

or inside the main dining hall.

Lunch buffet is Php550 for adults and Php300 for kids aged 7 to 11. The menu varies depending on the guests' requests or if there's none, they serve only their bestsellers. The College of St. Benilde was having their retreat that day and they specifically asked not to include pork and beef on the menu. Balay Indang prepared seafood-based appetizers down to the main course for them and the other guests dining that afternoon including us. Perfect for the lent season!

Fresh Salad

Spicy Tuna Pasta

Curry Rice

Seafood Omelet

Seafood Lumpia

Shrimp with Aligue Sauce

Seafood Kare-kare

Roast Chicken was just a bonus to us and other day trippers.

Sweet Banana

After our very sumptuous lunch, we continued our journey touring around Balay Indang.

Not only does the rooms differ in designs, no beds are also alike. There are four-poster beds, canopy beds which is very princess-like, daybeds and Japanese-inspired beds.

Others also have living room areas.

Unlike in other resorts, the rates here are on per person basis depending on the availability of the rooms, the number of occupants and the meals you want to include in the package.

Overnight stay with 3 sit-down buffet meals and free use of amenities:
         Group of at least 3 or more - Php2500 for adults, Php2000 for kids aged 7 to 11
         Couple (2 persons) - Php3200 per person
         Solo (1 person) - Php3900 per person

Dinner Bed and Breakfast:
         Group of at least 3 or more - Php2150 for adults
         Couple (2 persons) - Php2750 per person
         Solo (1 person) - Php3550 per person

Bed and Breakfast:
         Group of at least 3 or more - Php1850 for adults
         Couple (2 persons) - Php2250 per person
         Solo (1 person) - Php2750 per person

Day Trip Packages:
         Lunch - Php550 for adults, Php300 for kids aged 7 to 11
         Dinner - Php650 for adults, Php350 for kids aged 7 to 11
         1 Snack - Php75 per person

You can also use the swimming pool for Php100 per person.

If the function room is still not big enough, there's also a 2-hectare of undeveloped land where you can conduct your team-building activities.

My colleagues and I can't stop raving about how amazing the lunch was and how we all felt so relaxed with just a few hours of staying in Balay Indang. I wish to be back again soon with more friends and hopefully for an overnight stay as well.

Before heading back to Manila, we passed by Rowena's to buy the most delicious pasalubong from Tagaytay --  Blueberry Cheese Tart!

While the boys had one piece each, I had two. Thanks guys for being so thoughtful! *wink* 

Directions: Take Tagaytay road heading to Batangas passing thru Taal Vista, Casino Filipino and Total Gasoline Station. Make a right turn upon reaching Save More to Mendez Drive. Continue driving straight for about 20 minutes until you reach a dead end where you will make a right turn. From there, drive another 3 kilometers going to Indang, Cavite. Balay Indang should be on your left with a big signage and a #88 address.


Balay Indang
Indang, Cavite
Tel.: (63917) 866-5825
Email: balayindang@gmail.com

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  1. super relaxing indeed. would love to be here . thanks for sharing! :)


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