Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dipolog Food Trip: Dakak Park & Beach Resort

The package that we paid for includes daily buffet breakfast at the Port Orient Restaurant. But with this view in the morning, I would gladly pay for it if it doesn't come free.

On our second day, we woke around 8am and headed to the restaurant with our breakfast coupons on hand. After getting a table, we went straight to the buffet to check out the fares.


Congee with all the condiments


Spanish Sardines and Boneless Bangus

Fresh Fruits

We had a hearty breakfast which took about an hour and a half so you can just imagine how much we ate! To burn off the calories, we went swimming until we got hungry again. Instead of going to the Italian restaurant like we previously agreed on, we came back to Port Orient to have more seafood!

Grilled Tanigue - Php200.00

Lengua Estofada - Php200.00

Sizzling Bangus - Php210.00

Lapu-Lapu ala Dakak - Php285.00

Everyone woke up extra early on our 3rd and last day so we can have more time swimming in the beach before the sun comes out. By 930am, we hiked to the restaurant to have breakfast. It's nice to see that they change the menu everyday!

Congee with lots of garlic

Pork Siomai

My first plate

Dried Fish

Adobong Boneless na Bangus

Vigan Longganisa


Papaya and Mango for dessert

Eat. Swim. Sleep. Shop. Swim. Eat. Repeat.

This is my kind of vacation!


Port Orient Restaurant
Dakak Park & Beach Resort
Taguilon, Dapitan City
Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines
Tel.: (6365) 213-6813
Website: http://www.dakakresort.com

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