Thursday, October 25, 2012

Impromptu Dinner at Oishinbo

DB and I were supposed to go to an event but had to cancel the last minute due to some unforeseen circumstances that I would spare you about. Anyway, since we were already in the Makati area, we decided to go to Oishinbo for dinner. Good thing restaurants at Little Tokyo close a bit later than others. It was 9pm but the place was still half full.

Imported Japanese wines and beers are readily available for ordering.

But since DB and I are not alcohol drinkers, we asked the waitress for two glasses of cold house tea which was so refreshing!

On the table

Futo Maki - Php300.00

Superb taste as always but the presentation could have been better.

Salmon Maki - Php280.00

It's the first time we've ordered Oishinbo's Salmon Maki and I must say that it was worth every centavo! It's simple, fresh and delicious!

Jyo Chirashi - Php590.00

No matter how long I look at the menu, I always end up saying Chirashi to the waitress! It's like my lips has its own mind and doesn't say what my brain is thinking! But I'm not really complaining here because everything is so fresh! They also serve huge portions and you won't feel bitin with just a couple of pieces of Salmon, Uni, Tuna, Maguro, Squid and Shrimp.





Now this is something new.

The moment we entered the restaurant, the smell of smoke and grilled meat instantly clung into my clothes and my hair. I knew right there and then that I have to try what they are grilling!

Oishinbo should work on their exhaust as the entire place is engulfed in smoke whenever they use this tiny grilling station.

Among the rows of meat ready for grilling, I chose this!

It was actually a no-brainer! Golden Mushroom + Bacon = Mmmm.. Pure Bliss!

I wanted to order another one to go but it was late and I can barely walk with my full tummy.

Definitely next time!


Little Tokyo, Chino Roces Ave.
Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (02) 894-3915

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