Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DJC -- The Home of the Best Halo Halo in Town

A friend who lives in Legaspi City suggested we go try out the best halo-halo in the region which can only be found at DJC. We all said yes! So before going to the famous Cagsawa Church, we passed by their branch located in front of Metro Gaisano Legaspi.

While most of my friends ordered the regular halo-halo which has scoops of ice cream on top,

I settled for a petite-sized only. A bowl of the very creamy halo-halo in DJC has leche flan, ube jam, banana, sago balls, gelatin and grated cheese. It was my first time to try halo-halo with grated cheese and I didn't expected it to be this yummy! .

My first time to finish a bowl of halo-halo by myself.

We were also made to try Toasted Siopao which looks and tastes more like Asado Bun to me.

Now I know why some colleagues (even bosses) travel all the way to Legaspi just to have a taste of DJC's famous halo-halo. They even have this shipped to Manila sometimes. Hope they open a branch in Manila soon. I bet it will be a hit!


Landco Business Park
Legaspi City, Albay, Philippines
Tel.: (6352) 480-6868

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