Tuesday, February 7, 2012

La Piazza Hotel and Convention Center

Strategically located near Legaspi Airport, our friends recommended La Piazza Hotel and Convention to be our home for a night in the city.



Our friends booked a deluxe room which is good for two adults for Php2000 per night. Since we are a group of four, we just added Php1000 for two additional persons. Package included complimentary hotel to airport transfers.

One king size and one single bed

Thank goodness for the hot and cold shower. The weather in Legaspi is so unpredictable, one minute its raining then the sun will come out even before I put on my jacket. And when they say its hot outside, it really is! Humidity to the next level.

The room was very basic and lacks the homey feeling that I'm looking for whenever I book for a place to stay. But then again, who am I to complain for a Php3000 per night accommodation close to almost everything that we need.


La Piazza Hotel and Convention Center
Tahao Road, Legaspi City
Albay Province, Bicol Region, Philippines
Tel.: (6352) 480-3377
Fax: (6352) 480-7733

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  1. I was looking for a review about this hotel and stumbled upon your blog. Thank you for sharing this. =)


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