Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Perfect Valentine's Day ♥

My idea of a perfect Valentine's date is a perfectly set-up candlelit dinner with live background music (a saxophonist perhaps) with just me and my beloved devouring over delectably prepared food.

By the beach will do

But my perspective changed when I met him. Valentine's day can be any day of the year. Charcoal grills can substitute candles to light up the table and live background music can be in Korean. What did not change is the delicious food prepared for just us.

So instead of going to a mushy restaurant, he brought me to a newly-opened Korean restaurant along Macapagal Blvd. for a night of grilling and smelling like barbeque. He really knows me best!

Plates and plates of spicy and ultra spicy Banchan (Korean side dishes) were offered right away.

Cabbage with Thousand Islands dressing (Mayonnaise + Ketchup)

Spicy radish

Lady finger

Spicy cucumber

At last! A non-spicy side dish.


Spicy greens

Spicy cabbage and onion

A glass of water ready to recede the zest.

Our orders

Premium Boneless Short Ribs

Marinated Short Ribs

Lettuce + Garlic + Short Ribs + Fermented Bean Paste = My idea of a perfect meal


They use coconut charcoal which is eco-friendly, more economical and produces very little smoke.

Let the grilling begin!

Step 1. Open fire and burn charcoal for a few minutes.

Step 2. Place the beef alongside onion and other things you want to grill.

Step 3. Turn the beef upside down to cook both sides.

Tadaaa! The finished product -- tender, juicy and almost melt-in-your-mouth beef.

Same procedure goes for the marinated beef.

Ever since I first tried this Korean Raw Beef or Yukhoe in Ye Dang last year, I became addicted! Even if the owner/manager told us that our orders were enough, there's no way I will let this pass.

See that color? So fresh! Yum!

Instead of using jicama, more popularly known to us as singkamas as most restaurants do, A-Won uses pear as an alternative giving it a sweet taste. What a brilliant idea!

This is the best Yukhoe ever, hands down!

After writing this post, I think grilling short ribs by the beach with a bowl of Yukhoe and complete with Banchan sounds like a great idea, don't you think?


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