Tuesday, August 7, 2012

City Best Seafood Garden

The rainy season is finally here and what better way to welcome a cold and rainy night? Buffet hotpot! DB said City Best has been around for a long time already and I'm impressed that they managed to maintain the restaurant, it didn't look nor smelled old at all!

Priced at Php495.00 per person, you get to eat as much seafood, meat, all kinds of balls and vegetables as you can.

The sauces are placed on one side of the table. You can mix and match whatever you desire but as for me, I love mixing soy sauce, vinegar and sate with lots of fresh garlic and onion leeks.

Let the fight begin!

You can either grill or

cook hotpot style. Both are available on your table by the way.

City Best Seafood Garden has a wide range selection of seafood and vegetables but not enough variety on the meat section which is quite a disappointment for a meat-lover like me. I also miss having golden mushrooms on my hotpot since they only have button mushrooms available that night.

I came back twice to the buffet table to get more yummy Chinese Kikiam and additional strips of bacon which goes surprisingly well with Pechay, grilled the meat and boiled the latter on Chicken soup before eating together. Sounds weird but dipping both on my special sauce makes all the difference!

I love to eat. I love the rain. I love hotpot. But I hate gaining weight! *sigh*


City Best Seafood Garden
148 Tomas Morato Ave South Triangle
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 371-1470

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