Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Palawan Food Trip: Edgardo's Lobsters and Crab

After dropping our bags at Purple Fountain Inn, we asked to be brought to the nearest restaurant which serves fresh seafood. The driver who picked us up from the airport has a tricycle on standby that he offers to the guests of the inn who want to go around the city.

He recommended a place called Edgardo's about 3-minute ride away which is known for its fresh lobsters and crab. "Okay, let's go!" I told them as soon as I heard him say lobsters.

I was quite surprised when we entered the restaurant as I was expecting to dine in a nondescript place that night but we were treated to a fine dining experience this side of the country.

Of course, the prices of the lobsters and crab are fine-dining worthy as well. 

So instead of emptying our wallets on the first night, we settled to Edgardo's other offerings like this Prawn Salad. We thought that since we're in the province and seafood is abundant, the serving would be huge and full of prawns. Instead, we were given a plate of lettuce salad with prawns I can count with my two hands and drowned in mayonnaise.

The smell of satay soup beside our table lured me into ordering hotpot for dinner. The variety is limited so we just settled with what they have that night.

Meat Balls




Even the satay sauce and onion leeks came with separate price tags.

I can live with Pechay and Golden Mushrooms but a few beef strips would be a welcome treat.

Dinner at Edgardo's is probably the most disappointing hotpot I have ever had -- expensive and very limited options. But I won't let this tiny incident dampen my mood and high spirit of having a great time in the city.

This photo is taken halfway to Purple Fountain Inn. It is relatively safe to
walk around Puerto Princesa City even late at night.

Watch out for Jack and Jill's adventures in Puerto Princesa City on the next posts! *wink*


Edgardo's Lobsters and Crab
Rizal Ave., Puerto Princesa City
Palawan, Philippines

Tel.: (6348) 434-2365

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