Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Korean Restaurant Sol

Aside from Maru and Shabu Yaki, there's this one Korean Restaurant in HK Sun Plaza that we still haven't tried. DB said its been there for a long time already which I did not notice until recently. And so we decided to finally try it out one Thursday night. Unlike the previously mentioned restaurants where most customers are Korean tourists, Sol is more like a family restaurant and a place where friends gather to have authentic Korean cuisine.

After taking our orders, the waiter placed the appetizers on our table.

Spicy radish

Sweet and spicy anchovies

Bean sprouts

Spicy Chinese cabbage

Spicy tofu


We let the waiter do the grilling while we tried the appetizers.

A smokeless griller is placed on your table if you prefer they cook in front of you.

I am too hungry to pose, serious mode muna. *wink*

Thinly sliced grilled beef which was absolutely delicious either with rice or the way Koreans does it, wrap it on fresh lettuce with onion and garlic then dipped on a special sauce. Argh. I'm hungry now just by typing that!

Beef Yakiniku

DB's staple order when he's craving for seafood -- Grilled Mackerel.

Another Korean restaurant added to my list.


Korean Restaurant Sol
HK Sun Plaza
Macapagal Avenue
Pasay City, Metro Manila
Tel.: (632) 407-6113

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