Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Temple Chronicles: Preah Khan

Preah Khan is a large monastic complex encompassing 56 hectares built as a monastery and a center for learning by King Jayavarman VII. At its peak, it accommodated 15,000 monks, teachers and students and about 100,000 farmers who produced rice to feed all the population of the city.

As it is the case with other temples, nature has taken its toll over the buildings and large trees have overgrown from the structures.

They had to cut down a tree to prevent it from completely destroying some parts of the temple.

In case you have not hired a tour guide, there are locals waiting inside the temple willing to tour you around and answer your questions, for a couple of dollars of course.

He made us climb to the top so we would see how the trees have taken over the temple.

The male and the female organ

The numerous galleries and passages of Prea Khan offer some great photo opportunities.

The library

Where's Ruby?

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