Sunday, June 5, 2011

Night Market at Siem Reap

Still full from our dinner at Khmer Kitchen Restaurant, I asked DB if we could go to the Night Market since Polla won't be arriving to pick us up for another hour.

Established in 2007, Siem Reap's Night Market is a popular tourist area where you can buy traditional Cambodian handmade products from clothing, silk, arts, jewelries, wood and stone carvings. You can also find a lot of massage stalls -- fish massage, back and foot massage and spa near the entrance.

The cleanest and most organized night market I have ever been to.

I find the prices here a bit cheaper than what they sell at the Old Market and the vendors are friendlier.

Cambodian coffee and tea

Handpainted artworks

Silver and other jewelries

Souvenir t-shirts

Colorful wall displays

It still frightened me even if its already dead.

Happy shopping!

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