Friday, June 3, 2011

Temple Chronicles: Angkor Thom

Considered one of the most famous Angkor temples, Bayon is renowned for its unique architectural display of giant stone carvings of faces.

The carvings of the faces in the walls are dramatic and mystical and the separate carvings within the temple are wonderfully detailed.

Armed with a sketch book and watercolor, this guy comfortably sits in one corner of the temple and draws Angkor Thom through his own perspective.

I wish I had that talent!


  1. wow, I think I found my next destination, out of the country that is.

    nice pics! I'm loving these series... :)

  2. Hi skulgirltrx (IDOL!) thank you for visiting my blog. Siem Reap is rich in culture and history making it a great place to explore. I hope you can also visit it soon :)


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