Friday, June 3, 2011

Temple Chronicles: Ta Keo

A magnificent archaelogical feat boasting a huge five-tier pyramid with overlapping terraces, Ta Keo is known as the "mountain with golden peaks". It is unique in a way that it actually lacks the intricate external scultpures and decorations which make Khmer architecture so beautiful and distinctive, as the "decoration'" phase ceased after construction. However this allows the architectural enthusiast a closer look at its construction form -- the first temple constructed entirely of sandstone. Source

Upon seeing how steep the staircase is, I knew there's no way I would make it to the top. Aside from the fact that I was tired already, there are no handles I can hold onto while climbing and I don't want to be a burden to DB assisting me all the time.

I just went back to our tuktuk and "interviewed" our driver, Polla, about life in Cambodia.

Polla is a 34-year old ex-bellboy at our hotel, who is a tuktuk driver
in the morning and a student by night.

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