Thursday, September 8, 2011

Davao City -- A Rundown

Long weekend for most working people means staying home and catching up on sleep. But for travel addicts *ehem*, that would be a perfect opportunity to go on an out of town trip.

I was expecting long queues and chaos in the airport, but obviously,
only a few took advantage of the four-day long weekend.

The flight took around three hours, including the almost 50-minute traffic at Manila ramp. Upon arrival at Davao, we immediately proceeded to Pearl Farm Resort and spent 2 nights there. We came back to the city on the third day and went to Eden Nature Park.

On our way to the park, we passed by a fruit stand which sells pomelo, marang and durian.



Mickey Mouse -- For decor purpose only

We simply cannot resist buying Davao's Pomelo on the go.
It's so sweet and juicy!

We also dropped by a friend of a friend's rest house while waiting for our scheduled tour at Eden Nature Park.

Feels like I'm in Baguio with all the pine trees surrounding the house

Even the chickens can run here freely

The place is so relaxing!

I finally gave in and tried out durian for the first time.

Local and cross-bred (local + Thai version) durian

Durian is also known as the King of the Fruits

After taking a bite.
This photo never fails to make us laugh!

Before heading to the airport, my friend bought some pomelo plants to take home. Apparently, you can buy plants and have it checked-in (get a permit from the quarantine office at the airport first) if you want to grow some at your own backyard.

Fun. Adventure. Relaxation. I miss Davao already.

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