Friday, September 9, 2011

Pearl Farm Marina

Also known as the gateway to Pearl Farm Resort.

Since our package includes the boat transfer to the resort only, we just took a cab (which is very abundant in Davao City) from the airport to Pearl Farm Marina. Cab fare merely cost us Php100, whereas the land transfer that the resort offers cost Php300 one way per person.

Registration is done here but the room key will be given at the resort upon arrival.

Boarding Pass for the boat ride

Lounge area

Pool side

It was lunch time already and we haven't had anything yet, except for the tuna leftover at the airport, we then decided to check out the Captain's Bar for a quick bite.

Waiters were nowhere to be found. By the time someone came up to us, it was too late to order a decent lunch.

M ordered Potato Omelette, the fastest they could prepare in the 20-minute
time we had before boarding. Overpriced at Php200!

We were allowed to board the boat by 1315H.

On the way to the boat

People swimming near the marina. I'm guessing this is a free area.

The boat that will take us to Pearl Farm Resort

Goodbye Davao City! See you in two days.

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