Thursday, September 15, 2011

Marina Tuna Seafood Market Restaurant

We had one hour to spare before our flight and our new found friend suggested we go try out Marina Tuna Restaurant for an afternoon snack.

If I heard correctly, the restaurant together with their beloved mayor hold a weekly Tuna Lugaw Feeding Project for the people of Davao City. So dining here somehow helps them continue the project.


Here's what we ordered

Kinilaw na Tuna -- You can never go wrong with fresh tuna however it is served.

Tuna sandwich -- We were wondering why it took so long for these to arrive, I'm used to
canned tuna with mayonnaise so we were expecting these one will come out first.
But hey, grilled tuna sandwich is so much better!

Tuna porridge -- It would be great if there are tuna chunks and more
flavor in it, but its so unique that its still worth ordering.

We're in love with Davao. Till next time!


Marina Tuna Seafood Market Restaurant
Km. 8 Pampanga, Sasa (beside Bonifacio Motors)
Davao City, Philippines
Tel No.: (082) 233-2666 / 235-8653

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