Friday, September 16, 2011

Pepper Lunch at MOA

Not so long time ago, we had to go all the way to Rockwell for our Pepper Lunch fix. I remember falling in line every time we go there (even on weekdays!) and wished that they open a branch in the South someday.

Well, I am glad to share that that someday is finally here!

We were supposed to have dinner at Tanabe last Friday, but only had 30 minutes before the showing of Contagion (powerhouse cast movie which that alone is enough reason to watch it) so we need a fast serving restaurant. I've been seeing the "soon to open" sign of Pepper Lunch for quite sometime now and I was very happy that it was open just when we need it!

I love that they tell you which table to occupy upon ordering

Here's what we ordered

Important: Since the plates are very hot, you should mix it up immediately.

Beef Pepper Rice -- I love it with lots of honey brown sauce!

Sliced Angus Beef -- DB initially ordered Double Salmon Steak but upon
seeing that they now carry Angus Beef, he simply cannot resist it.

We also ordered the Seaweed Salad which was a steal for Php99 -- yummy dressing with lots of seaweeds in it. Too bad DB got it first even before I can take a photo of it.

After 10 minutes, the meal is still hot!

I am really happy that my favorite comfort food is now close to home. I bet DB is even more delighted that he does not have to drive all the way to Makati whenever I'm craving for beef pepper rice.

Did I already mentioned that Pepper Lunch had just opened a branch in MOA?


Pepper Lunch
2nd floor Entertainment mall
South Veranda, SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City, Philippines

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