Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tam-awan Village

The most underrated tourist spot in Baguio City (in my opinion), Tam-awan Village was made open to public in 1998 by the Chanum Foundation. It showcases local artists and their works of art and an Ifugao village with Kalinga huts which you can rent for a day to experience what it feels like to live in one.

Tam-awan Village is quite difficult to find if you're going there on your own even with a map in hand. So after making a few wrong turns, we finally made it to our destination. I've been here twice in the past but  this is one place I would never get tired of visiting over and over again.

Unfortunately, it rained hard that day, we did not made it to the top.

The path back to the coffee shop was too slippery, we had to wait in one of the huts until the rain stopped.

Works of art can be found all over the place

After the rain, the fog started to set in.

One of the things that I love about Tam-awan are the in-house artists that will sketch you for a donation only.

Just strike a pose and leave it to them for you to have a gallery-worthy portrait of yourself.

Try to be as steady as possible so they won't have a hard time sketching you.

They're really good, aren't they?

Minimum donation is Php100 for the single portrait and Php300 if you're a couple. Additional Php300 if you want to have it framed, which what we did. It was the best souvenir!

After going to the souvenir shop (the black Tam-awan shirt was really nice but unavailable), it was time to go back to the city. I was a scared to drive at this foggy road, but we were too hungry and it was also getting late. Good thing I traveled with a very good and safe driver or I would be spending the night at one of the huts in Tam-awan.

On the other hand, that sounds interesting right?

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  1. I wanted to visit this place last Holy Week when my sister and I went up to Baguio... just didn't have time coz we were in a camp at the PBTS... sayang, ang lapit na sana. Oh well, next time...
    Thanks for sharing :)


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