Sunday, September 11, 2011

Maranao Restaurant at Pearl Farm Resort

The only restaurant in the resort which features Filipino and International cuisine

Our first meal at the resort was the Amatriciana Pizza which was baked to perfection. I'm not much of a pizza lover but this one takes the cake.

Crispy thin crust with lots of toppings like bacon, ham, onions and mushrooms. And plenty of cheese too!

Buffet on our first night cost Php1,100 per person.

Salad section

Hot meals

Grilling Section

Fruit Section

We were not too hungry so we passed on the buffet and ordered ala carte instead.

Seafood Platter -- We were expecting to have the freshest catch here but the shrimps,
crabs and squid were definitely not fresh at all. So disappointing.

Salmon Steak -- Too much mayonnaise

Lunch buffet the following day cost Php750 per person. We were told that rate changes depending on the variety of the buffet spread.

Salad section

Make your own salad

Fruit section

Cakes and other desserts

We were not impressed by the buffet so we ordered from the menu again.

M had watermelon while I had the pomelo shake.
Its so good (no added sugar but very sweet) I had to order a second glass.

Crispy Pata -- Big serving, good enough for three hungry ladies

Still full from another Amatriciana Pizza we ordered by the beach that afternoon, we settled for a light dinner only.

Native Fried Chicken -- Tender and juicy

Adobong Kangkong with Bagnet -- I have always loved kangkong since I've been a veggie-eater
(which was not so long ago) and I like that there's a dash of spiciness and sweetness at every bite.

I can now pass on buffets and I'm so proud of it. *wink*


Maranao Restaurant
Pearl Farm Resort
Kaputian, Island Garden City of Samal
Davao, Philippines
Tel.: (6382) 221-9970

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  1. Delish Amatriciana Pizza! Nice blog! Followed you thru GFC. Pls visit mine, too!



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