Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kyo Hachi Japanese Restaurant

Who would have thought that there's a Japanese restaurant this side of Cavite that suits to the very picky Japanese palate. Need proof?

We were able to take a photo of this two but all occupied seats were of Japanese expats.

I know I have the movie version somewhere in my laptop.
Haven't watched it yet though.

Initial D

Cute little pots

On the table

California Maki -- Quite a steal for Php120 for 6 pieces

Free appetizer which was left untouched

For Php240, you get to choose two items (Php300 for three) from a wide variety of Japanese main dishes. The meal also comes with rice and miso soup.

DB's set meal

Pickled Radish and Baguio Beans

Grilled Saba

Natto -- Fermented soybeans with fresh egg which has a very strong smell and taste.
I guess I'm not so adventurous when it comes to certain food yet.

My set meal

Grilled Salmon

Pork Tonkatsu

Am I too safe and boring?

Kyo Hachi Japanese Restaurant
EPZA Diversion Road-Bacao
General Trias, Cavite

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